Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Online Course Overview

Taught by Heather Ruggiero, our Financial Literacy course is a self-taught class that helps you build a better understanding of your finances.  This high school and adult level class covers topics such as financial responsibility, income sources, deductions, financial institutions, purchasing decisions, taxes, credit, debits, assets, risk management, protection laws, and budgeting.

Financial Literacy Course List

Financial Literacy

Course Layout

  • Lesson 1: Financial Responsibility
  • Lesson 2: Income Sources
  • Lesson 3: Deductions
  • Lesson 4: Financial Institutions
  • Lesson 5: Purchasing Decisions
  • Lesson 6: TaxesMid Course Review
  • Lesson 7: Credit & Debt
  • Lesson 8: Assets
  • Lesson 9: Risk Management
  • Lesson 10: Consumer Protection
  • Lesson 11: Budgeting Final Review

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